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Specialities of the house




Homenade of duck «foie gras», stewed of griotte cherries 15€

Pan with snails and forest mushrooms 12€

Raw marine salmon in ancient mustard and green lemon sauce 13€

Fillet of duck in carpaccio, balsamic vinegar sauce, shavings of parmesan (cheese)   13€

« Meurette » eggs (poached eggs, red wine sauce, mushrooms, bacon, onions) 11€

Main course


Land and sea plate :

Frying scallops and calf's sweet bread, pleurotes( mushrooms) 24€

Sea steawing (salmon, swordfish, scallops, gambas) 24€

Grilled filet of beef, mushrooms, roast potatoes 20€

Roasted ribs of lamb with garrigues sents, garlic juice 22€

Skewers of scampis and pineapple ( 6 bits), risotto with parmesan 20€ Slice of most tender of pork, mushrooms 16€

Fillet of duck, honey sauce, roasted potatoes 16€

All of our main course served with a lot of season vegetables.